How to Use the Self Teaching Model of Education when Homeschooling

What is self teaching you ask? Well, my friend Joanne Calderwood seems to have perfected this method with her 8 children and she agreed to do an interview with me. She is quite humble and certainly doesn't think she has it all together, but she IS willing to share what has worked for her and her family and how she became "underwhelmed."

self teachingThere is a full page interview and I've even done a YouTube video on it to help explain how it works. Self teaching has quite a few advantages in that once a student is third grade and older, they are much more responsible for what gets done, how quickly it gets done, and how it gets done. It can be used with any curriculum and can sometimes produce children that are smarter than their parents. LOL!

Self teaching is a privilege, so if your child is prone to lying or doesn't have much heart training, then it might not be for your family. Otherwise, it can be very freeing for both student and parent.

To get all the details of how a system like this works, head on over to my website at Self Teaching and get all the information you will need to decide if this might work for your family.

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