Oh NO! ...Not ANOTHER interruption to our homeschool day?!! (Giveaway)

The phone rings.

"oops, I forgot to turn off the ringer."

 Someone knocks at the door.

"Why are the neighbor kids at our door AGAIN and  not in school????"

"Mom, the toilet is overflowing!!!"

"Oh, no - God pleeeese help me...I hope it is not a golf ball flushed down the toilet again!"

Do you ever have one of THOSE days?

 If I was a bettin mama, (Don't worry, I'm not:)  I would say you probably do...more often then you would like to admit - I know I do:)

So what do we mama teachers do?

I have two little helpers that I would like to share with you today... that have been faithful to getting our homeschool going in the right direction again.

1. Chore Charts  These little guys help us get right back on track- all the time!

 (You can read more about how I use them on my blog, here)

(If you need some chore charts for your homeschool just click on the chore chart picture above for a free download!)

2.  Bible  

 I am trying to keep what is most important at the top of my priorities in our homeschool...

HIS Kingdom and HIS Righteousness...

 I find that when I seek first his kingdom and his righteousness everything else is added to me - that means lots of help from above for all those interruptions!

You can read more about it here on my blog ...

The Bible curriculum below is what I have been using  for the past few months for our Bible memorization and to supplement our family Bible studies.... now I am hosting a giveaway for it!  Feel free to enter to win some awesome prizes here:)

Thank you for traveling with me as I try to cope with all those interruptions:)  Please share below if you have any good tips for other homeschool mommies!  I would love to hear how you get back on track...sometimes it feels near impossible!  Every little bit helps:)  Feel free to come over and visit me anytime...



  1. This sounds like my day trying to work from home! I feel for you! Thanks for linking up at LOBS!

  2. I love a good list! Your chore chart is fab - I could do with something similar for my two - but without the school bits on :)

  3. Dinah Ely thetravelingclassrooSeptember 15, 2013 at 10:51 AM

    Hi Colette:)
    I shared a chore chart without the school bits too! Just click on the picture above...I hope you found it and are able to use it!

  4. I wanted to invite you to the Friday Flash Blog Party, the
    best linky in town! I hope you'll join us and link up. Who knows. You may just
    get highlighted!

    The party goes on ALL weekend.

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution



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