No money for Curriculum ?

Have you ever wondered how you would home school if you had no money for curriculum ? This week I take a look at some ideas on how to homeschool with no money.


  1. I am a grandmother who has a 13 year old grandson, that can not attend the public school he was in because of bbullying and gang issues; so for my peace of mind and his safety I'm trying to homeschool him. He has the desire but I'm sure I'm going in the right direction giving him language arts and reading basic math. he is behind in the basics I am on a very limited income and was searing for help and resources.

  2. Afternoon Rita :)

    The internet is an excellent resource for FREE homeschool content.

    You can find a few resources on this page by subject. Click on the graphic

    It is good to be getting back to basics and reinforcing those especially in Math. Work on addition and multiplication to start with.

    A good spine to try is Story of The World ($9.99 ) and use the library to do more in depth study on each chapter's topic.

    I would love to chat to you more about this please email me on

    Chareen :)


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