Ways to Help Your Children Enjoy Learning

If you are going to homeschool, why not find ways to help your children enjoy learning? School doesn't have to be a drag. You don't have to crack the whip all day to get everyone to get their work done.

1. Give them a manageable load - Let's face it, when you feel like you have too much to do, you aren't motivated to work either. If your child is dreading their work, check to make sure you're not expecting too much.

2. Give them choices - The beauty of homeschooling is that we all have choices. We don't have to be
pigeon-holed into sticking with a strict script or packaged curriculum. If we want to use math materials from one publisher, history from another, and come up with our own art materials, then we are free to do that. Obviously, your children aren't going to love every subject, but if there is one that is particularly bothersome, make sure you really look at your options and see if there isn't another curriculum or book you could use that would still help the child learn, but in a more enjoyable way.

3. Use field trips for learning - Most of the fun times I remember in school are when we went to interesting places. They didn't have to be exciting places. Even a trip to the grocery store with a list and some money was so memorable to me. You don't have to plan an expensive or major field trip. Just look around you and be open for opportunities. See if there is a bakery in the area that will give you a tour behind the scenes. Other business ideas would include the post office, farm, candy factory, meat processor, grocery store, restaurant, etc. Keep your eyes and ears open and you'll be surprised at the field trip ideas that will cross your path.

4. Use as many senses as possible - They say that the more senses we use, the better we remember what we have learned. Unit studies are a great way to interact with what you are learning. If your child is reading a book with a recipe in the back, make the recipe with them. If you read about a certain composer, play their music. If children are learning about fractions, get a cookie or a pie and help them understand fractions by cutting their treats into different pieces. If you're learning about different types of trees, go on a nature walk and look at different types of leaves and bark. Hopefully you get the idea of ways that you can use different senses for learning.

I hope these ideas for ways to help your children enjoy learning have been helpful to you.

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