Using Journals for Record-Keeping and Reflection

How do you keep track of what you do each day?  When I began homeschooling, I was given advice to start a journal with a daily entry recording our learning activities and my reflections on those activities.  I loved this idea because I am constantly reassessing what I am teaching to make it a good fit for my kids and secretly I *love* seeing the page fill up with all of our accomplishments!

Keeping a journal is easy!  Simply purchase a lined journal of any type, or make your own.  I use the Mead journals from Target because they go on sale often.
  • Write your start date on the front and leave the end date blank until it is full.  As you can see, my journals above began in May when our first was filled and we needed to start a second. 
  • Inside, make your daily entries.  Write the date and a list of subjects complete with any notes.  I like to include the topics we are studying along with notes about where my daughter is struggling...or what she does well.  
  • I also add in field trips, mention if we had company, or record if there was something special that happened during that day.
Our journals have been a valuable way to record what we've done throughout the school year and have been a great reference to go back to check dates, activities, and jog our memories on things we just can't seem to remember. Best of all, my husband refers to them when he asks my kids what they learned for the day and they tell him all they did was play!

How do you record your homeschooling accomplishments?

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  1. Would you suggest a separate journal for each child? I love this idea of simple and sentimental record keeping!


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