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Welcome back to Homeschool Help this series is being hosted by six home school mom's from around the globe.

Every bed of Roses One Magnificent Obsession Navigating By Joy
Hammock Tracks Highhill Homeschool Barefoot Hippie Girl

Upcoming Topics
  • August
    Curriculum our year ahead 2013/14
    It's new in our School
    Teaching & Learning Styles
    Poetry - How do you teach it?
  • September
    Reading - What are you and your kids reading?
    Journaling - How do you do it? Art journal? Math Journal?
    History; How do you do it?
    Help! My child Hates Math!
  • October
    Help! My child Hates Writing!
    Dad…His role in Homeschooling
    Foreign Language
    Your Top 3 Suggestions for Someone who Pulled Child out of School Mid Year
  • November
    Year Round…or Not Year Round?
    Grades; Do you Give Them? Why or Why Not?
    Overload - What to Do When Your Run out of Fuel
    Your Top 6 Favorite Read-Alouds (Picture Books)
  • December
    Your Top 6 Favorite Chapter Read-Alouds
    The Year in Review; What You Want to Remember
Come along for some home school inspiration brought to you each Tuesday of the month. 

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