What's Your Homeschool Teaching Method?

Call me crazy, but I love taking assessments!  So, when I came across this assessment on Facebook posted by Only Passionate Curiosity, I jumped at the chance to take it. The Teaching Methods Assessment on Mardel Homeschool is a quick assessment that will give you a chance to pinpoint your own homeschool teaching method.

Consisting of multiple choice and true/false questions, this assessment will help you figure out your teaching method.  Or, if you already know your method, it might give you a little confirmation!

Here are my scores:

  • Charlotte Mason 31
  • Unit Studies 21
  • Unschooling 19
  • Classical 15
  • Traditional 6

    I was surprised that I scored so low in traditional, given that I'm a former public school teacher.  Not only that, but I figured Classical would be higher.  Interesting!  

    In fact, I thought it was so interesting that I gave my husband the test so we could compare results. Here's how he scored (not having any idea what any of the methods mean):
    • Charlotte Mason 27
    • Unit Studies 25
    • Unschooling 17
    • Classical 12
    • Traditional 8
      I guess you could say we are compatible in teaching methods! 

      Are you interested in learning more about some of the different teaching methods?  Here are just a few links to get you started:
      Now, it's your turn!  What did you score?  Did you give it to your spouse?  How do you compare?


      1. This was a fun little quiz! I was not surprised by my results in the slightest: high for unit study and Charlotte Mason, low for traditional.
        I shared the link on my Facebook page in the hopes that some other moms might chime in to say whether they agree/disagree with their result.
        With the wide variety of methods, I find discussing them to be just fascinating. Of course, I'm fairly new to this so maybe the novelty will wear off after I've got a few years of homeschooling under my belt.

        Thanks for sharing!

      2. I'm so glad you thought it was fun too...there are so many methods "out there" it's really neat to see how diverse we are!

      3. This is great Andrea! Here is another fun assessment to try- http://www.homeschoolviews.com/quiz/quiz-teaching.html

      4. There is such a broad variety of homeschooling methods it makes it hard to just pick one. I feel it is important to start using the technology that we now have so readily available to us. Time to step in to 21st century learning. The adaptability that technology provides us is truly unmatched. At the right price, i feel it is very effective.


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