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Homeschool Curriculum ReviewsNow that the school year is almost over, it's time to start checking out some homeschool reviews to plan for next year. The whole maze of homeschool curriculum choices can be overwhelming even for the most veteran homeschool mom. 

Although parents need to be careful not to just buy a curriculum on a whim because someone else recommended it, they also need to look around and do their homework. If they have a good idea of their child's learning style, their teaching style, and their homeschool budget, they can usually make an informed choice. I believe that prayer plays a big role in choosing the right resources too.

Should parents buy a packaged curriculum or just books and resources? Remember that curriculum packages were originally designed for classroom use. When teachers have many students to manage, they need something that will keep lots of people busy at the same time. In all my years of homeschooling I haven't found a packaged curriculum that fits our style, so I prefer to pick and choose books and resources that I like. There are so many good programs out there and so many talented writers and developers and they don't all work for the same company. That's just my opinion though.

There are a TON of homeschool reviews on my website, so I thought I would share those here. I hope you find them helpful!

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