Are you considering homeschooling?

I have met many parents over the years who are right where you are sitting on the homeschool fence. In fact, I have been there myself. There are plenty of different opinions that it is quite easy to become overwhelmed. That is why I wrote a book just for you!

I have launched my newest revision today- On the Fence about Homeschooling?

As a former school teacher and now a veteran homeschool educator, I share my personal journey with you while giving you the benefits, along with the sacrifices of homeschooling. It is my hope that after reading this book, you will be able to more confidently make a decision concerning the path that is best for your family.

 If you do not have a Kindle, no worries. You can download the FREE Kindle reading app and enjoy the book on your phone, tablet, or even computer. {Click Here} for the FREE app.

Share this free resource with anyone you know who may be on the fence. It may be a big blessing to them and give them the encouragement they need.



  1. Thanks Tamara Looking forward to reading your book :)

    1. Tweeting on Monday :) and sharing on Every Bed of Roses FB. Thanks for sharing :)

    2. You are awesome Chareen! Thanks so much!


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