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  1. Hello Homeschool Chicks...
    I tried to sign up through your link for this, and it said you were no longer accepting. I thought it was odd since this is dated yesterday... I signed up for your newsletter, So I thought I might be able to do a quick note as a comment... I am a homeschooling mom of six, and started out thinking that my homeschool had to look just like my classroom did when I taught. I soon learned that each child has their own educational needs, and my curriculum began to reflect this. I found ways to use the internet for free resources, great homeschool texts, and even online programs such as Time4Learning to maximize the differing potential of each of my children. It's been seven years now, and we are still going strong! Homeschooling makes a difference!

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks so much for letting me know. That was really weird. Can you try the link now and see if it works for you? Please let me know. Technology sometimes isn't very cooperative :)


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