How did you begin your homeschool journey?

I was reading some recent comments on our Homeschool Chicks Facebook Page yesterday, and I thought I'd share my homeschool journey with you. Maybe it will encourage you or your story could help encourage others. So here goes :)

I never thought I would homeschool. In fact, I had never heard of homeschooling while attending college pursuing my education degree. When I taught elementary school, I learned about homeschooling and honestly thought that it was kind of strange. It's amazing how God can instantly change your heart.

What transformed my perception of homeschooling?

I'd like to tell you it was a great book I read, an awesome speaker I heard at a homeschool conference, or even a fantastic site that opened my eyes to homeschooling, but my journey began over 15 years ago. I did not know of one homeschooling website on-line and did not even have Internet at home yet. My local library did not have one homeschooling book to read. I had never attended a homeschool convention or even know they existed. There was not a homeschool support group in my area. And I only knew one person who was homeschooling and she had only been doing it for one year (kindergarten).

So what happened? My perspection was transformed in just one night. I came home from teaching school (I had a very challenging and exhausting class that year) and my three-year-old sat on my lap and asked me to read a book. I told him I was too tired to read to him. In fact, engaging in any learning activities made me want to cringe. I was completely depleted with no energy left for the one child that mattered most in my life.

Then the light bulb went off. How could I devote all my time and energy to others and have nothing left for my family? After praying, my husband and I decided to begin my homeschool journey that particular night. I submitted my notice to my school district the next day, which stated I would not be returning the following school year. All my colleagues were stunned about my quick decision but I guess that mommy instinct took over because this was no longer about me, but now it was about my son.

How could we afford to homeschool?

I was providing half of my family's income (and a young couple with a teacher's salary, you can quickly figure out that we were not financially prepared for me to be at home full-time.) My husband was still in college at night. We had lots of debt- car payments, school loans, and a mortgage- and zero savings. 

But I was bound and determined. My son was my top priority, not my income. We just made it work by cutting back on everything and learning to depend on God's provisions.

Would I be a good teacher?

It's funny that I never once questioned my teaching ability in a classroom. I even had several parents requesting me for their child's teacher every year. But when it came to teaching my own child, the doubts came flooding in. Would I be able to teach him everything he needed to learn? Would he listen to me as well as he would a teacher in a classroom? What if I slowed him down or held him back?

If I only knew at the time that all those fears were from the enemy. Of course he didn't want me to homeschool. It was during those years of homeschooling that my family created such a strong bond and firm foundation that could not have been formed if we spent our days apart. I'm so glad that I followed my heart and not my mind, which would have kept me filled with worry and fear.

Would I do it again?

YES! Looking back, we have no regrets. And I have done it again and again since now I have five children to teach. We have so many wonderful memories together that I will always treasure. I truly believe that I had to step out in faith and follow God's guidance to be rewarded with the blessing of being at home with my children.
My oldest son and I at a homeschool convention last year. He had just graduated from high school.
So why do I homeschool?

The answer is simple. I LOVE teaching and I LOVE my children. When I combine the two, there is nothing else I'd rather be doing.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this blog! It is so encouraging, because most of us feel unqualified to homeschool in many ways.To know that we are not alone..
    Thanks for sharing,

    Rachael D


    How we got here :)


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