Calling all homeschool chicks! It's time to introduce yourselves.

There are so many Homeschool Chicks that we'd like to meet! Over 100 Homeschool Chicks have signed up to be featured on our Totally Awesome Homeschool Blogs and here are some of the cool chick names they go by:

Paper Maid Chick
Montessori Chick
Joy-filled Chick
Music Chick 
High School Chick
Unschooling Chick
Geeky Chick
Blessed Mommy Chick
Are We There Yet? Chick
Nomad Chick
Techno Chick
Cheap Planner Chick
Photo Chick
Lyceum Chick
Good-Eats Chick
Explorer Chick
Project Chick
Silly Ottos Chick
Literacy Chick
Early Learning Chick
Notebooking Chick
Yogi Momma Chick
Kindergarten Chick
Work at Home Chick
No Doubt Chick 
Experienced Homeschool Chick
Routine Chick
Preschool Chick
Journaling Chick
Reggio Chick
Organized Chick
Contently Humble Chick
Cha-cha Chick
Homeschool Mommi Chick
Mommalin Chick
Homeschooling in Nova Scotia Chick
Musical Chick
Organized, Lapbook, Unit Study, Help New Homeschooler  Chick!
Newbie Chick
Arts & Crafts Chick
Choosing Joy Chick
Holistic Chick
Crazy Chick
Schedule Chick
Fun learning Chick
Go With It Chick
Homemaking Organized Chick
Educating for Life Chick
Traveling Classroom Chick
Great Peace Chick
Arty Chick
Royal Chick
Mom of Boys Chick
Homeschool Nurturing Chick
Adventures Chick
Organized E-brarian Chick

We invite you to link up to a bio post on your blog that introduces you and your passion for homeschooling. For the linky title, use your "homeschool chick name," and use your photo or blog button as your image. You can include our button in your post so others can meet more chicks, too!
Homeschool Chicks
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We will be adding this link-up to our Meet the Chicks page so other home educators will continually be able to meet you!

If you do not have a blog, please introduce yourself below in a comment. We'd love to meet you!


Homeschool Chicks ♥ comments!

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