101 Ways to Make Book Reports Fun

Hot off the press! 101 Ways to Make Book Reports Fun (click on the link or the photo above to learn more), part of the Making Learning Fun series, is now available. It is 50% off this weekend in the Teachers Notebook Super Sale.

101Ways to Make Book Reports Fun arrives straight to your computer by instant download. You may then use it as a digital book, print and place in a 3-ring binder, or print and cut out the cards and place in a small box or on a ring (as shown above.) Students can independently choose from any of the 101 activities. If students use the card format, the completed card goes to the back of the index card box or to the back of the ringed collection, showing that the student has finished that activity.

101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun, the first book in this series, is also available at 50% off during the weekend sale at Teachers Notebook! Now let the internet browsing during the football game kickoff commence!

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