What's your homeschool style?

Help, I have gone through a homeschool identity crisis way too long! For 14 years, people have asked me about my homeschool style, and I literally didn't know what it was. I felt slightly pressured like I needed one category to place my style of teaching under. Can anyone else relate?

I am a little of everything from classical to unit studies to eclectic with a dash of unschooling and a big splash of fun! Some days I even feel like I am an "organic homeschooler" because I like to spend the majority of my teaching time focused on the core subjects and teaching them in a natural way. Okay, I know organic homeschooling is not a real term or style but it is another way to describe me. :)

But did you know that there are many other styles to teaching? There are learning styles of you and your child. Yes, your learning style affects how you teach your child! There are also motivational styles that can help you encourage your child while teaching. I invite you to fly on over and learn more about how to use your styles to maximize your teaching time.

I bet you never knew you had so much style!

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