Homeschool Evaluation by Semester

homeschool evaluationHave you ever done a homeschool evaluation? Basically, you just look back over the past semester and check to see that your year is going along the way it should. You can easily tweak your plan after one semester if needed. This doesn't have to be a long involved process. It's just good to make sure you are still on track and gives you an opportunity to switch gears if needed.

I've come up with a little checklist on my website to help you with this evaluation. Sometimes the curriculum or course of study you chose in the summer just doesn't play out the way you had hoped. Maybe you thought your children would receive it better than they did. Sometimes the curriculum publisher makes promises in their literature that don't turn out the same way in your family dynamics.

Are your attitudes good? Are you covering all the subjects you wanted to cover? My simple checklist will take you through all these steps in just a few minutes and help you have an even better semester in the future.

Homeschool Evaluation

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