Homeschool Coaching

When thinking about homeschool coaching, the first thing to consider is making sure you talk to someone who looks at all aspects of your family and not just their curriculum. Some curriculum providers have some coaching available, but they are probably just going to recommend some version of their curriculum as their recommendation.

photo of meWhether you are just starting out or want some help along the way, a good homeschool coach should really be a veteran homeschool mom. She knows what it takes to manage a home and teach children too. If you can find someone with children that have graduated, that is even better. I like to take into consideration all aspects of homeschooling when I do a coaching call with someone. I like to know the children's names and ages, the children's and parents learning and teaching styles, their budget (we NEED to stay within our homeschool budgets), their children's interests, and their overall vision for homeschooling (will their children go into school soon or maybe never?).

If someone doesn't ask these questions, then they probably aren't looking at the whole picture. Whether you talk to a coach or not, always remember to pray about every homeschool decision you make. God knows you and your children better than anyone and He will lead you to the best resources for your family - sometimes through a coach. Be sure you are listening!

For more information on the homeschool coaching I provide, go to Homeschool Coach.

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