Homeschool Christmas - How to Find Toys that Teach

When thinking about a homeschool Christmas celebration, many homeschoolers like to find somewhat educational toys or activities for their children. No, we don't buy them textbooks for Christmas! A new box of crayons or a new Lego set is certainly more fun.

There are so many interesting items that we can purchase for our children for Christmas. We don't have to make it look like we had a plastic explosion in our living rooms either. Some categories for toys that teach would be building sets, physical fitness devices, creative play, cooking/science kits, art/music items, and obviously books.

I've written out all my ideas and included links to a world of ideas from things that my children enjoyed receiving. Pay attention to your children's passions and interests and match those up with my lists of toys that teach and you can't go wrong. I hope you enjoy this wonderful Christmas season.

Homeschool Christmas

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  1. Okay Heidi, this list was amazing! I know you put a ton of time and thought into it and it shows. I am sure it will help many people find that perfect gift.


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