Are your children VERY distracted right now?

From the bright lights on your Christmas tree to the snowmen sitting on your shelves, it's no wonder your children may have a MUCH harder time focusing this time of year.

Colors send signals to the brain without us even thinking about it. While the color green increases creativity and can work in your favor as a teacher, the color red can actually increase your child's heart rate and make it difficult to be still and focus. If you find your child having a hard time staying still and concentrating during learning activities, find a space where the distractions are less, such as your bedroom or outside on your patio or deck if the weather is nice (any place away from excess decorations and the color red).

As an educator, it's important to know how color influences learning and what colors are best for specific learning environments. If you'd like to learn more about how colors affect learning, check out this FREE download- The Power of Color in Teaching.

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