Top Ten Reasons Why I Homeschooling

(10) Birthdays become school holidays. I love celebrations!

(9) I always get to be the chaperone on field trips. Lucky me.

(8) I can sleep in on rainy mornings. Okay, I wrote that before my last two babies were born- no more sleeping in for Mom now. Maybe again in the  future.  :(

(7) My pajamas are sometimes my work uniform until noon. Shhh!

(6) The teacher-student ratio can’t be beat!

(5) I can kiss the school principal in the faculty lounge. ♥

(4) Integrating God in our school lessons is always encouraged.

(3) I do not have to stay up late at night helping my children study for tests and complete homework assignments. But occasionally I do lesson plans then.

(2) I have the opportunity to instill the love of learning.

(1) I am the recipient of hugs and kisses all day long.

Enjoy the journey :)


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