How to Homeschool AND Save Money

When thinking about how to homeschool, many people think that they have to take out a second mortgage to pay for all the books they will need. Not so! If God has called you to homeschooling, then he will make a way for you to be able to afford it.

how to homeschool
I've written a page all about my favorite tricks to saving money on homeschooling. There are lots of ways to find used homeschool books. If you know how to resell them when you are done with them, you can get most of your money back. If you don't want to mess with buying and reselling, there are also plenty of places to find inexpensive homeschool books.

The internet provides tons of free resources that, if organized in a guide, can give you lots of free materials at your fingertips. The library and free ebooks are even more ways to find resources.

Check out my post on How to Homeschool and get access to all the pages and resources I use to save money. You CAN stay within your budget!

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  1. Thank you so much for this article, Heidi! You always share such important and relevant topics for us newbies!


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