How to Find Homeschool Freebies

The Internet is so huge and sometimes it's hard to find homeschool freebies for the subjects you need. I've tried to make the process a little easier by listing all the freebie resources I could find in one place. There are free worksheets, math resources, planner, ebooks and more.

I've even listed the books that I'm done with that I am willing to give away for free. You just pay the shipping cost. I'm down to my last child, so I don't need to save these resources anymore. Get them while they last!

There are also resources on how to homeschool for free but I'll be covering those in my next post. Don't let the cost of homeschooling keep you from homeschooling in the first place or from providing your kids with great learning resources. There are so many wonderful resources out there!

Check out my Homeschool Freebies

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