Favorite Homeschool Tools Pinning Party

Do you have a homeschool teaching tool that you absolutely love and want to share your treasured find with other home educators?  We invite you to link up your blog post (it can be an older post) or the specific pin.

We'll even pin your favorite teaching tool to our Homeschool Chicks' Pinboard that has almost 8,000 followers!

To be on our pinboard, we ask for you to become a Homeschool Chick by following this blog and and to pin the teaching tool button image at the top of this post to your homeschool pinboard so others can see this fabulous collection, too. Make sure to link to your exact post or pin (not to your entire blog or pinboard).

If you haven't linked up your homeschool pinboard yet to HERE, we invite you to share it with other home educators.

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    Great idea. My pin of this post is:



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