Changing our Teaching Styles!

I am always amazed how I can have two children come from the same womb, the same family and they can be totally different!  They can have different learning styles, different needs and different personalities.  Sometimes, their styles, needs and personality can be very different from our own.  The differences are wonderful, but as mothers they can also require us to change and adapt in different situations, especially when it comes to teaching.

I have 3 year old who is a "do it myself" type of girl and her learning style does not always match my teaching style.  She doesn't need to change, I do.  You can read more about how I changed my teaching style to meet her needs {HERE} and we have had so much more success!

On a side note...
I am currently reading a wonderful book entitled, The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.  I highly recommend this book to all mothers!  I have been blessed, challenged and changed by the sage words found in Sally's book.  Here a quote/prayer I would like to share with you from her book:

"Most Gracious Lord,
Help us remember, in all the moments of our days, that taking time to cultivate a close relationship with our children is what will open their hearts for you.  Give us strength and grace to listen to their dreams, to comfort them in their sorrows, and to make ourselves available to their needs.  Help us to remember that they want our attention more than our service.  Thank you that you made yourself available to people and that you always make time for each of us."


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