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I love using mnemonics when I am teaching. It just makes learning stick! Mnemonics is connecting the unfamiliar to the familiar by using the first letters of words to make new words that the student can easily relate to. For example, many of us grew up learning about the five Great Lakes in the US by using the mnemonic HOMES- Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

I compiled the mnemonic devices that I have used the most in the past 20 years of teaching into this packet:
  • mathematical order of operations
  • division procedures
  • roman numerals
  • liquid measurements
  • mode & median
  • conjunctions
  • parts of an atom
  • planets
  • Great lakes
  • main insect parts
  • vertebrates
  • colors of the rainbow
  • lines and spaces of the Treble staff and Bass clef

This freebie will only last until October 14 and then this Pin it to Win it will be closed.

Please tell your blogging and homeschool friends about this freebie
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  1. I use Mnemonic strategies for MY memory!!
    My kids will love these!


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