How to Homeschool AND Save Money

Want to know how to homeschool AND save money? It can be done! There are lots of homeschoolers that homeschool for free or almost free. Homeschooliing for free takes a little work, but if you don't want to work that hard, there are still plenty of ways to save money on homeschooling.

I've written a page with my best tips on saving money and homeschooling. I love homeschooling and want everyone to be able to do it. Don't let a lack of money be the reason you choose not to homeschool. If God has called you to homeschooling, He will provide a way for you to do it.

I recommend that each family decide ahead of time how much money they have to spend on homeschooling and that they stay within that set amount. Don't go to a homeschool convention or even a homeschool website without first knowing how much money you have available to spend on homeschooling.

This will make your homeschool year much less stressful. Check out all the ideas I have listed about how to homeschool successfully with the money that you have available.

How to Homeschool AND Save Money

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