Homeschooling Requirements

homeschooling requirementsWhat are the homeschooling requirements in your state and how do you handle them? Different states have different requirements for homeschooling. Whether you live in a homeschool friendly state or not, the truth is that you can overcome any obstacle set before you. Many parents have gone before you in your state and have followed the guidelines and figured out how to jump through the hoops so that they could homeschool their children.Don't let strict homeschool rules keep you from homeschooling or continuing to homeschool.

I've written a post all about the different aspects of homeschool laws and how to overcome each of them. You will find out how to find the homeschool laws in your state, although another homeschool parent is usually your best resource for this. This post should give you all you need to know about homeschool laws and how to get started with homeschooling. It will help answer all your questions from preschool through college.

Homeschooling Requirements

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