Homeschool Chicks' Fun Photo Tip

Have you ever wondered how some bloggers add watermarks to their photos or how they create beautiful photo collages for their posts? Would you like to learn how to do this?

Here is an example from Annie's recent Homeschool Chick's post.

Well, here is one of the Homeschool Chicks' favorite new sites that we discovered a few months ago and have been addicted to ever since. First, it is FREE to use most of the basic services. You do not even have to register for an account. Second, you do not need to be tech-savvy at all. Third, it literally only takes a couple minutes to create a collage. We are for real! Their tagline is even "Photo editing made FUN." You know how I love fun things! Introducing Pic Monkey...

After you fly on over to their site, click on the box "Create a Collage" and off you will go. Just ignore the weird Halloween homepage they have right now. They usually have a very basic homepage.

If you would like to watch a blogging tutorial about Pic Monkey that a friend of mine created, {Click Here}. She also shares a fantastic site for fonts on that post, too. You can also {Click Here} to learn more blogging tips from fellow educators. 

We know not all you Homeschool Chicks are bloggers but many of you may scrapbook or create gifts with photos. You can use this site for those hobbies, too! My kids and I created a nice photo collage for their dad for Father's Day this year. You can {Click Here} to read more about how we made it.

If you have other free sites you have used with your photos, please share them below.


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