Here's a trick AND a treat for you!

My kids LOVE this magic trick! It was also a big hit when I taught in a classroom. Using "Math Smart Cards," your child will be able to predict a friend's secret number between 1-31. It's simple enough to use with elementary children, and it amazes people every time!

{CLICK HERE} to grab a free set of "Math Smart Cards" and learn how this math trick works while kids are practicing addition and having FUN!

And now for your treat! Don't worry. This treat has no calories and it's good all year round. Subscribe to The Mother's Heart for FREE. Yes, this encouraging magazine is absolutely free! It is such a treat when I receive this bi-monthly publication in my inbox. 

The Mother's Heart is dedicated to serving and encouraging mothers in the many facets of staying at home and raising a family. Regular features include crafts, educational helps, trusting God for family planning, plus Kym shares many of her household forms created to make life easier.

Enjoy your trick and your treat!

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