October 29, 2012

Free Chore Card Printable

There is a free chore card printable over at my website right now in the Home School resources section. Let's face it, when our children do their chores without being asked or at least with a good attitude, everything runs better. Getting children to do their chores can sometimes be very frustrating.

chore cardI have used this chore card with great success in my home recently. I don't usually like to reward children with extra prizes for things that they should be doing around the house. This chore card worked much like when I was potty training my children. I gave them M&Ms every time they used the potty. They certainly don't get an M&M now when they use the potty, but I used the principle of rewarding them until it became a habit and it worked.

Here's how this chore card works: Every time my son did a chore, he could get his card punched. When he got all 10 numbers punched, we went to the ice cream place. You could choose any reward you wanted. It could be as simple as a piece of gum for every 10 chores. If he did the chore and forgot to have me punch it, he lost the chance to get his card punched. If I asked him to do the chore and he complained, he still had to do the chore but didn't get the card punched.

After filling about 4 cards, my son no longer needed to use this chore card. It was now a habit. For those motivated children, they can find extra chores to do and get their holes punched even faster. The principle is that we can use a fun reward to help our children learn to do their chores with a good attitude, but we will not need to use that fun reward forever, just for a season until it becomes a habit. I hope this helps someone.

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