Learning Activities with Candy Corn

I enjoy using food with school activities to make learning fun. Since my kids like to eat candy corn as a special treat every fall, I had to think of ways to use it for a few homeschool lessons. We used candy corn for math manipulatives while completing basic math problems. We did estimation games with them and used them for measuring items. My preschoolers used it to make the outline of shapes, and my older children created their spelling words with it. We even used it as markers for ABC, number recognition, and sight word Bingo.

This year I found a new way to use candy corn. Teaching the Trinity to children can be quite a challenge. Fly on over to Teaching with TLC to see how I used candy corn to teach the Trinity to a group of children. You'll like this activity even if you don't like to eat candy corn :)

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  1. Oh ... I LOVE the "Teaching the Trinity" idea. I will definitely use this with my daughter tomorrow morning. Thank you so much! Here are two posts I wrote containing candy corn math ideas http://totplay.blogspot.com/2012/09/candy-corn-math.html and http://totplay.blogspot.com/2012/10/g-is-for-candy-corn-graphing-and.html. I figured these resources may help others this month.


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