It's APPLE Time!!

It is a bit hard to fully embrace Fall when it is 91 degrees outside.  Yes, that is the weather in sunny southern California....91!!  It is HOT!

But it is Fall...right?  Anyhow, I love doing crafts with my girls because they really seem to blossom and find so much joy in simple things.  I think most kids enjoy crafts.  When I was teaching in the public school, arts and crafts was the first thing to go.  There was so much testing to be done, we never had time for sad.  I had to try really hard to squeeze a craft in here and there.

However, as homeschoolers, this is one of the great joys we can give to our children and they learn SO much by doing simple crafts.

Here is just one of the apple crafts we did this week and my girls LOVED it!

We also made some homemade applesauce, which is the easiest thing to make.  I mean REALLY easy! Homemade applesauce taste so much better than the store bought applesauce:)  The girls love participating too!  I think they must eat about 3 apples each when we are making our applesauce:)  That does count as participation, right?

You can head on our to The Moffatt Girls blog to read about all of our apple crafts and get this super simple and super yummy applesauce recipe!

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